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I thought it might be helpful to set up a page where I can post answers to some of the more frequent questions I'm asked about my process, my background, etc. Hope you find the answers useful!

How did you get into illustration and what is your background?

My trek into art started as soon as I was old enough to hold a crayon and make a mark on the page (or walls - whichever was closest). I went through phases where I thought I’d be a comic book artist, a writer, an animator, etc. but very early on, I knew art would be part of my future in some way. There was something in my soul that could only be expressed through art and whether it was writing or drawing or creating, I knew it was what I was built for.


In highschool I realized I wasn’t too far off from having to make big decisions which could potentially determine where I ended up as an adult. At that point I was still convinced I would be a comic book artist until a teacher told me comic book artists make no money and there were better alternatives that were just as satisfying creatively. I took that advice to heart and ended up in a Graphic Design program through college which led to a 10 year career in graphic design / interactive design.


The creative satisfaction during my time as a designer wasn’t what I thought it would be and I kept feeling like I still wasn’t in the right spot. I made a choice to once again pursue illustration to see where I’d end up and after a handful of studio closures, I started my own company which specializes in illustration.