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Space Park: Fusion Falls

Space Explorers! We have a new destination in the Space Park universe which has recently been unveiled... welcome to Fusion Falls!  The light and energy at the base of this cosmic location has been sought after by many, yet only the bravest explorers holding sun crystals are able to traverse the terrain to harness the power of the Falls.

Space Park  ·  Fusion Falls  · Type Design by Mattox Shuler

Space Park · Fusion Falls · Type Design by Mattox Shuler

For those who may not know, Space Park is a board game designed by Henry Audubon and the fine folks at Keymaster Games which will be launching through kickstarter soon. Players ride rockets to extraordinary realms throughout the galaxy collecting exotic crystals and badges as they set out to become the next great space explorer!

Concept Sketches

This piece was the first I tackled when we were dreaming up the Space Park universe and what it could look like. When Mattox Shuler gave me the name 'Fusion Falls', a visual immediately came to mind, though I didn't know exactly what the details were going to look like.

Usually when I have an image in mind, I focus on the mood and feel rather than the exact visual. I find the mood is easier to take from thought to paper than an exact look - this is usually how I avoid being disappointed that the end result 'didn't look just how I pictured it'. So long as the piece feels like what I imagined, the details of the visuals serve only to enhance that feel rather than miss some imagined standard in my mind.

Space Park  ·  Fusion Falls  · Concept Sketches

Space Park · Fusion Falls · Concept Sketches

One of the other reasons I produced so many quick concept sketches for this one was we really had no idea what the posters were going to look like. Would we have people? How many? What kind of design elements would be present aside from the title? All of these were questions we could discuss once the thumbnails were produced. From there, we landed on a look and feel which was then applied to each of the subsequent posters.


Coloring this piece was as much fun as it was challenging. One of the benefits and drawbacks about not using tight pencils like I typically do is it creates a lot of decisions which will need to be made during painting. There were times this was a challenge as I had to figure out how to interpret less developed shapes in the sketch, but also times of great reward where I was able to uncover something in the final which wasn't present in the sketch. It truly felt like I was discovering the piece one brush stroke at a time.

Space Park  ·  Fusion Falls  · Final Illustration

Space Park · Fusion Falls · Final Illustration

This is definitely one of my favorite posters in the series because it was the piece which set the tone for everything else. This is where I caught my first glimmer of what this series could be and it truly captured the adventurous spirit the game is built on. It helped me as an illustrator to grow in areas I hadn't yet explored and because of that, I'll always look back fondly on it.

Big thanks to the folks at Keymaster Games and to my agent, Deborah Wolfe, for helping all of this come together. If you haven't had a chance to back the campaign as of today (March 1), there are just 6 days left! Thank you so much if you choose to support us - I truly appreciate it and will see you next time!