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GQ Germany · 2014

GQ Germany · 2014 · Main Illustration

Repeat business is a great kind of business, especially when its a client I love working with like Axel Lauer from GQ Germany. My ever so talented agent, Deborah Wolfe, lined up all the details and with the brief in hand, I was off to draw mountains and lodges (can't beat that!)

The article I was tasked to illustrate for was about outdoor getaways for couples looking to leave work and technology behind to vacation for a while and included a full page illustration as well as a spot illustration.

Spot Illustration

The brief for the spot illustration required a couple in bed in a cabin with books scattered around the floor and bed. Outside we would see some of the outdoor setting.

GQ Germany · 2014 · Spot Illustration

I came up with a handful of options to show the couple, one being a closer, more intimate view, while the other pulled back to show more of the setting.

GQ Germany · 2014 · Spot Illustration · Rough 1

GQ Germany · 2014 · Spot Illustration · Rough 2

The pulled back view showing more of the setting worked out better for the article, so I moved from sketches to blocking in the values in black and white, and then onto color. Here you'll also see an alternative color version where I palletized the illustration to give a few options. 

GQ Germany · 2014 · Spot Illustration · Black & White

GQ Germany · 2014 · Spot Illustration · Color Option

Full Page Illustration

The full page illustration brief asked to show a man and woman relaxing outside. The woman would be holding a drink and relaxing under the shade of a patio while the man grilled in the sun. I presented a few layout options and then refined the overall direction based on feedback from Axel.

GQ Germany · 2014 · Opener Rough 1

GQ Germany · 2014 · Opener Rough 2

GQ Germany · 2014 · Revised Sketch

With the layout, figures, and textures in place (in black and white), I moved onto color and presented 2 options. I typically explore 2 color options with these kinds of illustrations: one which is heavily stylized (as seen on the left) and one which is more natural (on the right).

What I enjoy about the working method I use is it allows me to explore colors without any sort of finality to my decisions - meaning if I want to try wild colors, I can. If I want to try neutral colors, I can do that too. Its not as decisive up front as a painter working with actual paints would have to be, but I enjoy the exploration and was happy with the results. 

GQ Germany · 2014 · Color Option 1

GQ Germany · 2014 · Color Option 2