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Mental Floss Magazine

Mental Floss Spot Illustration

I did a spot illustration for Mental Floss Magazine for their November 2013 issue. I have to say this was one of the most unique briefs I have ever received! The brief: draw 2 heroic men rescuing a whale. The challenge was unique, fun, and a chance for me to put a bit more action into my work.

Working with Mental Floss was great. They have their process down well and know exactly what they want. We ran through my typical illustration process of presenting roughs, color comps, and the final.

One of the other fun aspects about this piece is it called for action, something which drew upon my years pursuing and studying sequential / comic book art and anime. I developed an early love for dynamic composition and was pleased to be able to use that in this piece. 


Sketch 1: Closeup of Heroes

Sketch 2: Pulled Back View

Polished Illustration: Greyscale

Alternative Color Option

If you're interested in commissions for this type of illustration, feel free to contact me!