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Auto Shots

These were a series of spot illustrations revolving around broken down vehicles. I really started to fall into my style by this point and was able to take relatively straight forward concept drawings to stylized, finished illustrations. 

These are the concept drawings I started out with. I intended to only finish 1 but they both interested me enough to complete both.  

Auto Shots Concept Paintings

Once the concept paintings were finished far enough for me to see what the polished illustration would look like, it was simply a matter of finishing out the details. I started off with the SUV, an image which serves as a testament to the many breakdowns which happen and the owners who view them as badges of honor to be worn proudly!

Auto Shots: The SUV

Auto Shots: The Van

Next up was the illustration of The Van. I imagine this garage belonging to a packrat who swore one day to restore this van to its full glory. Then kids came along and that endeavor was sidelined.