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Angry Bear Illustration

I had the good fortune of designing and illustrating the www.FleeAngryBear.com website! Its a rare thing to be able to work with a brand and design all the visuals from the ground up which is why this design and illustration will always have a special place in my heart.

Angry Bear Header

Justin Bernard, owner of Angry Bear, knew he wanted a vintage aesthetic that played off the WPA posters we both loved. We decided to modernize the WPA posters without loosing the iconic illustration style which gave them their power. What we ended up with was an iconic site which has gone on to win awards, good press, and does well at presenting one of the best agencies out there. 

I started off with a rough sketch based off a Christmas Card illustration I did for Angry Bear in a similar style. At this point, the idea I was working with was to create a poster which had elements coming off the page in a sort of 3d / paper cut look.

Site Sketch

I thought the sketch did a great job establishing the look, but as the background illustration started shaping up, we realized anything we did to pull the viewer out of the reality of the illustration only served to hurt the visuals. I turned off the white trim borders and the site instantly came to life.

Flee Angry Bear site in all its scrolling glory!

All in all, I'm still thrilled when I see this site. It functions well, showcases the work, establishes the brand, and does so in a way which most people won't forget. If only every project came out that way! 

Big thanks to Justin Bernard of Angry Bear for giving me the opportunity to work with him on such an amazing project.