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The Farm

Every once in a while, I'll sit down to draw with the intention of producing a study or a sketch that ends up turning into something more. Such was the case with my illustration, The Farm. 

I had been researching vintage american farms similar to the ones my Grandfather and Father grew up on. There's something so appealing about the world before widespread use of modern electronics that really captivates my imagination. What I ended up producing based off that inspiration turned out to be one of the most popular illustrations I've done so far.  

The Farm

 I've included a number of process shots here which showcase my favorite working method.  Here are a few tidbits for you process junkies:

  • I usually start with pencils and, depending on the day will either render fairly loose or clean and tight. Once the pencils are established, I move onto color flats.
  • I find its much easier to block out color in black and white. This helps me establish strong lighting without loosing my focus. I have a tough time juggling too many aspects of the illustration at once which is why I've developed a very linear method of illustrating.
  • Once the values are blocked in, I move onto color. If the piece is working with black and white values, chances are it will work in color. In this case, I chose a 'golden hour' sunset color palette which worked out well. Enjoy!