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Mowrey Manor

One of the most fun projects I worked on early 2013 was illustrations for an educational iPad app for Mowrey Manor, through Angry Bear. With a handful of kids of my own, I'm always interested in opportunities to use my illustration services for materials for kids. This project was right up my alley! 

The concept was to create an arial view map in a vintage theme-park style which would invite users to explore the various structures within the world. As users touched the structures on the screen, they'd be drawn into an interior room view where they could explore a multitude of objects - owned, and narrated by Edward Mowrey.

In addition to the interior and exterior illustrations, I was able to do character designs for Edward Mowrey. I am really pleased with the results and I heard great feedback from the creator of Mowrey Manor when she presented the app to a number of people. 

Big thanks to Angry Bear for the great project! AB always comes through with fun ones for me!