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Hawaii First · Keyframe Illustrations

I had the good fortune to work with ChopShop TV on what turned out to be the most ambitious and creative commercial for a property management company I've ever seen. Hawaii First was determined to set itself apart with a memorable commercial for their services. ChopShop came up with the overall concept and came to me to bring the it to life with powerful visuals and that vintage aesthetic the OCS is known for.

You can imagine how excited I was when I received the brief and saw they were looking for me to draw vintage ships, ocean squalls, and deep sea monsters. In addition to crafting the stylized illustrations, color palette, camera angles and transitions, I was able to do creature designs and turnarounds for the ship. I'll never get tired of projects like these. Drink up, me hearties, yo ho!


I've also included the black and white rough versions of some of these keyframes. I love the color versions, but when the black and white version of my illustrations work out well, they always become a favorite of mine.

In addition to the keyframe illustrations, I was also tasked with doing some creature design and turnarounds for the ship so the 3d modelers would have everything they'd need to bring motion to the pieces.