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OCS 2013 Retrospective

This year in November, OCS officially hit its 2 anniversary! I started this venture in 2011 and I can remember the evening before Thanksgiving where I submitted the registration forms for my business license like it was yesterday. I remember the even mix of excitement and fear I experienced as I decided to turn down any offers of full time employment in favor of pursuing my own business. What a whirlwind its been since then!

This year, God has been extremely gracious in providing for our family and as I look back, I can see a number of really great opportunities I never would have guessed would come my way. This retrospective isn’t meant to boast my abilities or accomplishments, because trust me, those are all few and far between. No, this list is a testament to the blessings I’ve experienced in the midst of hardship - and for that, I am truly thankful.

Here’s some of what happened this year. This list isn’t exhaustive and I had a hard time narrowing down 1 item per month, but these were the highlights I chose because many of them were firsts for me:


Jan - OCS lands its first international client

Feb - OCS lands its first big job with a motion graphics studio

Mar - OCS lands its first big editorial project with Popular Mechanics

Apr - OCS lands its first educational iPad project

May - OCS works with Dwell Magazine

Jun - In May, OCS submitted materials to Penguin Publishing and in June, lands its first Picture Book project!

Jul - OCS continues working with various publishers in the editorial market and lands a solid commercial project

Aug - My son was born! This was the month I saw the value of running my own business (flexible schedule) as well as the challenges (horrible health care).  OCS also works with PopShot Magazine, and gets signed with international agent Jules Beazley

Sep - OCS works more editorial projects

Oct - OCS gets signed with Deborah Wolfe, Ltd.

Nov - OCS lands more editorial & commercial clients

Dec - OCS has the busiest month its had in all of 2013